John P. Coles to Philip Dimmitt, 09-14-1824

Summary: Thinks prospect of the acquisition of Texas by the United States very doubtful.

September 14th 1824,

Dear Sir

I recd your [letter] and noticed its contents I am vary much pleased to hear that you are likely to Regain the use of your hand in a measure as Respects the US.A Getting possession of this country shortly I think it vary Doubtful and I am of opinion that the USA. never will posses this country other than by Treaty with the Mexican and the Government of the Mexican never will Dispose of the country without the consent of this state and I am not of opinion myself that the USA. are desirous to make an acquisition of this kind as there settlements are already Extending vary far west from the seat of Government and the Eastern states would vigorously oppose a measure so much calculated to weaken their influence in Congress

we are all getting on well, our country is filling up vary fast we are this day preparing to go against the Carrankaw Indians a small party of our men has had a Brush Imprudently with the Cokes they lost 2 men killed and 3 wounded the number of Idians killed is not known Capt. Singer was one who was killed.

Jno P Coles.

[Addressed:] Mr. Phillip Dimit St Antonio Texes