J. Botts to Stephen F. Austin, 09-14-1824

Summary: Hawkins estate. Much immigration from the Mississippi next spring.

Alexandria September 14th 1824

Dear Sir

This will be handed you by Mr Morgan who lives in this Place as I have not had an oportunity of writing until this time it was the Request of Mrs Hawkins to state to you her situation on her way to Kentucky I saw her at Natchezs and had not wherewith to pay her Passage up the River and if she Could not get something from you that she must suffer as Mr Hawkins told her that you would do every thing in your Power and myself Likewize as I have gave her a Negro Woman but had not any thing to give her as yet she had every one of hers sold at Auxon [auction] and was adoing every thing her self the Negrs that I had out there I sold and have not Received one Dollar as yet But have Commenced suit and have Judgement for $2500 but when I shall get that I Cannot say I lent Mr William Smethers a horse and I wrote to him to give you the horse if you wanted him but whether he ever got it I Cannot say if he has not Pleas get him and send him in by Mr Morgan if he should want a horse or if you want him keep him also I Rented Mr Groce my Place which the time is out and you will be so good as to have it taken Care of for I do not know what I shall do but expect to Come out Next fall do write me word how you Come on or what is the Prospects of settleing your grant you will have many sittizens of the River Missipi Next spring and the winter do not fail in writing yours very


John Botts.

Sir I had Mr Groces Agreement for the Delivery of the Place but Mr. Parker and William Smethers know it


[Addressed:] Judge Austin Brassos River Province of Taycos Politeness Mr Morgan