Martha Marple to Stephen F. Austin, 09-29-1824

Summary: Administration of estate of David J. Marple.

Zaines Ville Septemr 29 1824

Mr. Stephen, F. Austin

Dear Sir my late Beloved Husband David J Marple who accompanied you through the Gother Country in year 1821 and who died june 1822 at the house of Judge James Cummings, has left me as [illegible word] property or the means of obtaining a living for my self and three Children intirely destitute I have an article of agreement between yourself and my husband agreeing to give him cirtain parcels of land in consideration of his accompanying you on the journey mentioned above and of settling or raising a crop within one year which it appears he has done as by the administrators account, there was Considerable corn among other things sold after his desease, and would ere this have removed his family there had he lived, my eldest child is a son 12 years old named John J Marple Mary P Marple third David J Marple the are too young for me to go to a new Country with at this time my wish is to secure the land in proportion amongst us giving me that part David had settled on as is most likely will produce some income I have appointed Martain F. Maker of New Orleans Agent for me, to settle with the Administrator and to arrange my business with yourself, also to procure families to settle on the land or pay taxas if any and finely to act for me in avery res[p]ect I have directed him to advise with you, if any further evidence, is wanting, to convince you I am the wife of David J. Marple or that the three Children are his by me I can produce it, Judge Cumming has a letter of mine to my late Husband you can Compare writing to Satisfy yourself,

I feel the need of a friend to act for me I throw myself on your goodness to act the part of a friend, to see that I have Justice done by the administrator, it appears by accounts received from Commings, and James Tumlinson, that there must be over three Hundred dollars due for sales of corn and other property, tumlinson acknowledges the sale of corn in 10 lots to be 265.60 and the 11 lots sold at 175 cents per. Bus. but not delivered, afterward burnt in the crib the corn was left at the risk of the purchaser, of Corse after Public sale, I understood the man that Bought requested it might remain till he could go across the Contry, to sell it, as it would loose by removing twice, as you must have a good deal of influence in the settlement your friendly advise may be of service to me I am very poor and need the Money, I. have always lived comfortable while my husband lived, now I am intirely destitute of anything to live on or educate my Children have to be dependent on my relatives whis is very unpleasant your attention to my intrust will be greatfully acknowledged by yours

Martha Marple.