John P. Coles to Unknown, 10-21-1824

Summary: Board bill, Texas.

Province of Texas August 1821

Richot Barret to Andrew Robinson Debtr to 46 Days Boarding at 50 cts per day____________________________________________________________ $23 one negro Fellow 46 Das 25cts____________________________________________ $11. 50 one negro Woman 21 Da____________________________________________________ 5. 25 one Hireland 31 Days 50cts per Day_______________________________________ 15. 50 January To 6 Barrels of Corn $2 per Bl___________________________________ 12 1822 To Boarding and provision to Travel on to United States $10_________ $10 Balence Due______________________________________________________________ $77. 25

Austins Colony) Brasos Destrict)

Personally appeared before me John Petty who on oath says that the within account as stands stated against Richot Barrott for $77.25 is Just and Tru to the Best of his Knowledge sworn and subscribed to this 21st Octbr 1824

JnĀ° P Coles [Rubric]

John Petty Alcade