Stephen F. Austin to Authorities of La Bahia, 11-01-1824

Summary: Concerning modification of treaty with Karankawa Indians.

[About November 1, 1824.]

Translation of the answers given by Col. Austin to the official letter from the Priests and authorities of La Bahia

Reverend and respected Gentleman, I received your official letter dated the 28 of October in which you give us the pleasing intelligence that the Carankaway Indians had agreed to and signed the treaty of peace we made with a part of their chiefs, you also request in behalf of the Indians that the division line between us could be extended to La Baca—

Our desire being to guarantee a secure and permanent peace with the Indians, the only reason we had for wishing limits fixed for them was to avoid even the possibility of future difficulty and to insure this it appeared to us necessary to separate the two parties by a line in order to prevent neeting with them untill mutual confidence could be reestablished— It is not our wish to deprive the Indians of their hunting or fishing grounds and governed by these pacific feelings these inhabitants have agreed without difficulty to the modification proposed that they are not to come on this side of that River for the time specified in the treaty which was one year from its date, and I sincerely hope with all my heart that before that period confidence will be mutually established between us and the Indians so that we may mix with each other without suspicion on either part—

I present to you in behalf of these inhabitants their most sincere thanks for the interest you have taken in this business and permit me to add on my own part the expression of my gratitude and I hope that you will continue to pretect the interests of this infant Colony with your friendship and influence

God and Liby etc