John P. Coles to Stephen F. Austin, 11-09-1824

Summary: Groce's land. McNeels immigrating from east Texas.

November 9th 1824

Dear Sir

I saw Groce on Saturday last, he is yet unwell and I think there is no prospect of his man Edmon (?) Recovery he wished me as you will perceive to come down in Order to get his Business arranged he wished me to inform you that he wished to give you no dificulty nor would not and would be governed in all Respects intirely by your wishes he says that he has his views with Regard to his place at Home or the manner in which he wishes it—Run which is not vary different from your plan and if you cannot afford him that accomodation that it shall make no difference I think that you will have no difficulty with Groce If you had been at home we should have been able to have settled the Business I think to his satisfaction The Mr McNeels are here wishing to see you and goes to Mr Jacksons with an Expectation of meeting you they have Explained to me their views They appear vary desirous to get Lands below they are a vary Industrious pushing family and have the means of making themselves vary usefull in the Country I hope you may have it in your power to accomodate them

Jno P. Coles [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Col. S. F. Austin Political chief and Judge of the Colony Politness of Mr. McNeel