Benjamin Lindsey to Stephen F. Austin, 11-14-1824

Summary: Land.

Province of Tayhas [Tejas] Iaysh District Nov 14th 1824

Mr. Austin

Sir I have been longer detained here than I Expected But I will Start for that place on Wednesday next and it is my wish to get land On the St Bernard low down I imployed a man To Select me a tract when I was there but I am afraid he will neglect me and as there is a number of people Comming on a head that wants Land on the St. Bernard I am doubtful all the Valuable lands will be taken up and as you are Acquainted with the Situation of the Country and is a Judge of the valuable lands any instruc- tions that you Can give or any Assistance you Can be in detaining a valuable tract for me on the St Bernard I Shall Humbly thank you for yours etc

Benjamin Lindsey