Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F. Austin, 11-16-1824

Summary: The Hawkins estate, and Hawkins' interest in the colony.

New Orleans 16 Novem 1824

Hon: Stephen F Austin

Dear Sir Your Esteemed favour of the 26 of last month was handed me yesterday—and I hasten a reply to put you at ease on one account which appears to have given you pain and anxiety—

That when I mentioned the Extent of Mr. Hawkins advances for the province I did not even for a moment suppose he had any other claim on you than what you have mentioned to wit One half of the Grant—My object was to advise you of the amount and at a proper time to have some of the property sold as a remuneration—

I have always supposed that Mrs. Hawkins would decline your invitation of Settling in the Province, and lately am informed that her Brother, and Sisters wont listen to any thing of the kind—They are determined to keep her in Kentucky

On the subject of a division of the Grant, she has instructed me to say that she cannot find any person to act as agent in whom she has the same confidence as yourself, and that she leaves the division entirely to you—

Nath: Cox.