Samuel and Elizabeth Pharr to William Pettus, 11-xx-1824

Summary: Bill of sale for slaves.

The agreement made and entered into at the Town of San Felipe de Austin in the Province of Texas this 16 day of Novr 1824 between Samuel Pharr and Elizabeth Pharr the sole heirs of Johnathan Pharr decd and inhabitants in the Colonial establishment formed by the Empresario Stephen F Austin in said Province of the first part and William Pettus also an inhabitant of said Colony of the second part witnesseth that the sd Saml and Elizabeth for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred and twenty five Dollars to them in hand paid by the said W. Pettus and the recept of which is hereby acknowledged by [him hire to] the said W. Pettus and to his heirs or assigns two negros towit Lisey a woman about 28 years of age and Willis a Mulatto Boy child of said Lisey about 7 years of age for and during the term of 70 years from this date should the said negros live that time—hereby delivering full and personal possession of said negros to said William Pettus to his heirs or assigns— And by these presents relinquishing to sd W. Pettus his heirs or assigns all claims whatever which said Saml and Elizabeth their heirs or assigns have or could have to said negros for the said term of 70 years from this date. And the said William Pettus agrees that should sd negros or either of them die or runaway or become disabled it shall be his loss and he obligates himself his heirs and assigns to clothe and feed the said negros and to maintain any children which the said Lisey may bear, in consideration for which the said Saml and Elizabeth agree on their part that said Pettus shall have the full use of the labor of all such children as long as the said Saml and Elizabeth would have been entitled to it had they kept possession of said negro woman, and the sd Saml and Elizabeth do hereby warrant the said negros to be free from personal defects and that they are bona fide and absolutely the property of said Saml and Elizabeth and free from any incumbrance whatever

November, 1824.