J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 11-20-1824

Summary: Commerce. Return of the wagons sent by Austin to meet his mother and sister at Natchitoches.

Natchitoches, Nov. 20th 1824

Col. Austin,

Dear Sir, I Received your note by Mr. E. Allcorn, on the 5th Inst, and have Complied with your Bequest. I let him have the amount of Eighty three Dollars and five Bits in Diferent Stores of this Place. Such as Blankets, etc etc etc which he wanted for your Self, and others, then Mr Allcorn and McTire thought of going Down to Rappid as Steam Boats could not get up above there they left this and went Out to McGuffins and stayed out there the next week, then I Received a letter from your Brother James, with your Letter Enclosed in it, the letter your Brother James wrote me mentioned nothing about when he would Start from Mina Burton, and I wrote to Mr. Allcorn and told him if he felt himself Authorized he could come in and Read the Letters as it was of great consequence to know when your Brother was acoming on as he was at great Expence here, I hope I have not done wrong By So doing god knows I done it for the Best, then Mr. Allcorn thought it adviseable to Return Back and wished to know if I did not think it Best to take out Some articles to you, Such as he would name I told him I would get them for you, and he named Over thes articles following which I have Sent Out to you in his Waggon besides the other articles he took before

1 Barrel of Whiskey 33 1/2 gals 5/__________________ $20. 93 3/4 1 Barrel of Flour___________________________________ 10. 00 Part of a Barrel Buiscuit___________________________ 6. 00 20 Carrots of tobacco______________________________ 10. 00 40 lbs Sugar at 15c_________________________________ 6. 00 20 lbs Coffee at 40c________________________________ 8. 00 two Bags 4 Lbs Chocolate_____________________________________ 1. 50 for Sugar 1 Trunk_____________________________________________ 4. 00 and Coffee 6 and 8 penny Nails 40 Lbs at 15?___________________ 6. 00 75c 2 Pair Shoes _______________________________________ 5. 00 _______________________ $77. 43 $78.18

I would have Loaded the waggon but it was not in my Power at this time I have Like wise made you a Present of 1 quarter Box of the Best Spanish Sigars and a Lot of gardenseeds the Best I could find and a number of Other articles which I put in another Sigar Box which I thought would be of use to you, and a great number of news Papers of the Lates Dates, and I inclose the Letter your Brother wrote in this Package I wish you would write me when you Receive the articles and whether you get them all will you be good enough to forward Mr. George Smith a few of these news Papers after you have Don Reading of them, when an opportunity offers and you will much Oblige your friend

J Cable

Pr Mr Allcorn