George Huff to Stephen F. Austin, 11-21-1824

Summary: Emigration from Mississippi.

Woodville November 21st 1824

My Dr Sir

I am Happy to tel you that I Got Home well and Hearty and found My family in good Health Hoping when this Gets to you that you May Be in the Same State of Good Health I would not of wrote to you at this time as Mr Servison Has wrote and Said avery thing that you wish to know But as Mr Halliman Makes me write in justification of My Self I Must Beg one favor from you as to the truth he tels the people that the one Half of the Mill tract of Land is his and that he is Bound for My Parformans with you and that I Could not Git one inch of Land only through him the people Laughs At him when I show the papers will you write to Mr. Servi- son which of us Don what wag Don as I Shall Be from this Country Before your Letter will Reach this Mr Johnson writes to Day I wish you to keep the Land for Him I spoke to you for I think to Land At your town in A Steam Boat—

Col Child is About to purchis one for the use of the Brazos River the Land and promiss I extorted out of you for Mr. Connell and Michal Halliman please to keep that for Mr Johnson and other Men that will Be in your Countree with me By the first of March Mr William Anderson will Be with me I Could not find any thing of your Brother who I think will take this Letter to you from Natchitoches Please to tell Mr McCormick that all the things he Sent for are Now Redy to go

Geo Huff

Mr S f Austin