William Johnson to Stephen F. Austin, 11-21-1824

Summary: Emigration from Mississippi.

Woodville November 21st 1824.

Dear Sir,

A few days since I recd by Mr Huff your letter of the 26th Ult:— which afforded me much satisfaction, to know the flattering prospects of a pure and permanent government in your delightful and fertile country—And I can in truth say that I am not a little gratified to learn from Mr. Huff that he is well pleased with the country and that you have been so liberal with him as to induce him and his partner Mr. Servison to embark immediately on improvements which will not only benefit them and their families, but will no doubt greatly advance the public weal of the Colony—Those men are now making preparations to carry into effect with promptness, and in good faith, everything which Mr Huff agreed to do in their Articles with you—And I feel satisfied that you will be pleased with the performance on their part—They will be able to take with them every facility necessary to complete the works in a reasonable time— The present plan is to Charter a steam-Boat as the most safe and easy means of conveying the whole out fit to San Felipe de AustinColo Child left here a day or two since for Natchez, where he will endeavor to make the arrangements for the steam-Boat—If this arrangement succeeds, I shall no doubt be one of the party myself— Mr Huff mentioned to me that you would on my going out and compliance with the terms of your government give me a Grant for two Leagues of Land adjoining the Mill Tract, below, on the Bernard, and that you would not otherwise dispose of it till you heard from me—for your friendly disposition towards me in this business, you have my grateful acknowledgements—And have to request that you will secure for me the two Leagues of Land above mentioned—Mr Huff also mentioned that you spoke of letting me have a grant for seven Leagues of Land to be located in the wood-land between the Brazos and Bernard, on conditions, etc, etc,—I assure you Sir, I consider those offers flattering and worthy the attention of any man— and shall endeavor to avail myself of them, and hope by my feeble exertions to promote the prosperity of the Colony, in some degree to deserve something—I say to you candidly, that when I settle my family in your Colony, I shall be extremely solicitous to have as neighbors, a few respectable acquaintances etc, from this vecinity— who will be anxious to move with me—all of which I wish you to bear in mind—And that I shall endeavour to take along friends of Capital—who will take with them the means of advancing the importance of the Country—-Mr Huff requests me to say to you that he will procure for you and take out with him, the Articles which he promised you.—

Wm Johnson.

Honbl. Stephen F. AustinProvince of Texas-—