Solomon R. Bolin to Stephen F. Austin, 12-05-1824

Summary: Immigration.

Wayne County Missuri 5 Dec. 1824

Dear Sir,

I have Seen Mr James Marcus who informed me that he was immediately from the province of Texas from what Marcus told me, I wish to moove to that Country and when I come I wish to Settle in Town although I am no Mechanick and if there is any employ for a clerk I would be glad to get in that business I have got no children and I can possiably make my arrangements so I will be in your country this Winter or next Spring at furthest I will be there next fall

I am creditably informed that Mrs Bryant is Married to Mr James Perry The bearer of this letter can inform you what I have followed in this country you will please pardon for trespassing upon your time

Solomon R. Bolin

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F. Austin Commandant of the Province of Texas N. S. per J. Castleman