R. R. Royall to Stephen F. Austin, 12-28-1824

Summary: Concerning Spanish land grants which he has bought near Nacogdoches.

U. S. State of Alabama

Town of Tuscumbia Franklin County

Col. Austin.

Sir Haveing some claims of Land in your country I am though a stranger restrained to solicit some Information Relative to the necessary requisites of your Government on such Claims. My two Claims one to Gregora Mora Signed by Cortez with an Instrument of Grant following signed by Jose Cayetano De Zepeda Situated five miles South of Nacogdoches and extending to the Junction of Cany or Carez with Angelina or Orhillian River warranted to me to be 10 000 arpens Spanish. Gregora mora sold this to Monsieur Reliquet whose widow without Issue married Capt Martin Despalier a Spaniard who together with his wife sold it to me in Alexandria La. the other signed by the same Zepeda Sandick [Sindico] and Attorney at Law of the town of our Lady of the Pilar of Nacogdoches and its vecinity this last is translated and reads that in the year 1796 in Conformity to a preceeding decree that Don Joseph de La Vaga and Pedro de Lara, from the place called Patron-cito about 18 leagues from Nacogdoches with a view to put Don Santiago Fin in possession of aforesaid place Patron and after stating much ceremony puts said Fin in possession of this Royall grant of Land States him to be in possession sole master Owner and Proprieter of two leagues square or in every direction of the wind. This I am told is near the Sabine where the Road crosses it between Natchitoches and Nacogdoches was given or sold by Fin to Daniel Kimball who sold to me in 1819 Since which I have determined to reside in Texas as soon as the Government of that country become setled and haveing learned that it had attained a tolerable setled and desirable state I should have visited my Lands and your Settlement this Fall But my business being such as to require my presence generally at Home I have sought this method to relieve myself from uneasy feelings arising from consious neglect of the claims. I wish to learn from you what the Settlement of Emigration is in the country generally and particularly in the vecinity of Nacogdoches If you are informed But more particularly anxious to know what the disposition of your government is towards Such claims and from such information as you can afford I can Learn what necessity if any there is for a visit to the country before the fall of 1825 at which time I expect to settle myself in Texas and probably will be best pleased with your Neighborhood I beg to be excused for and should not have troubled a Gentleman in public employ but Haveing no acquaintance to rely upon have troubled you with this communication If no return of Favour ever falls in my way must ask you to receive my sincere thanks You have been spoken of to me by Docter Charles Douglass of our Town who says he had some acquaintance with you in the City of Mexico and who expects to accompany me to the country Being myself almost totally Ignorant of the Country and its Government, Such Other Information as you can afford such as Relates to Slavery Religion etc and such common characteristicks as attend the country will be Thankfully Received By your's with the Highest Considerations of Respect

December 28th 1824

R R Royall.

P S Haveing just benn favrd by my friend Douglas with a communication from Mexico which stated that the seat of your State government was fixed beyond the Rio Grande. I would like to know when it would be in Session and If my grants would require their confirmation to secure them to me and as I possess the Art of Surveying would Like to be informed If the Bussiness is encouraged in Texas and If so what paid for in Money or Land

R. R. R.