Stephen F. Austin to District of Bravo settlers, 01-01-1825

Summary: Changing Brazos district to Bravo. Election return.

Stephen F. Austin Judge Commissioned for the Colony of the Brazos and Colorado in the Province of Texas—Charged by the Superior Authorities with the Municipal Government of this Colony provisionally and [until] it is otherwise regulated, and it appearing to be the wish of the settlers in that part of the Colony heretofore called the District of the Brazos—that the name of said district should be changed to that of Bravo after the distinguished hero and Republican Patriot, Genl Nicolas Bravo the Vice President of these United States, Therefor I have thought proper to order and by these presents do order that the said District heretofore called Brazos shall in future be called the District of Bravo, and shall keep the said name of Bravo until the superior Govt, direct otherwise

Given etc January 1- 1825

Stephen F Austin Judge Commissioned for the Colony on the Brazos and Colorado rivers in the Province of Texas

I certify that at an election held at the house of Andrew Robinson by the inhabitants of the district of Bravo on the 1 day of January of this year for an alcalde for said District for the year one thousand Eight hundred and twenty five John P. Coles was duly elected Alcalde of said district and that he may be respected and obeyed accordingly I give him this document

San Felipe de Austin, January 5,1825

This day personally appeared before me Stephen F. Austin Judge commissioned for the Colony on the Colorado and Brasos the above John P. Coles Alcalde elected for the district of Bravo for the year 1825 and took the oath to support the Constitution of the United States of Mexico and of the State of Coahuila and Texas and faithfully and impartially to execute the duties of Alcalde for said district of Bravo for the year one thousand eight hundred twenty five