Francis Biggam to Stephen F. Austin, 01-08-1825

Summary: Emigration from Mississippi. Transportation routes. Prejudice and falsehood delay development of Austin's colony.

Monroe Missippi January 8—1825

Cornle Austin>

Sir I now for the first time Cince I left you embrace the oppertunity to write to inform you of my Situation and interest relitive to the brases and the reasons of my Detenshions Cinse I Came home I have been in Georgia and South Carolina and should have started to the Brasses imadeantly on my arival from Georgia if I was not compeled to attend two suits of law which I had instituated some time before I went out to see you one for the killer of my negroe and the oather against a villin for altring a Hog marke which will bee Detarmed in all in Aprile and I then flatter my self that some time in may I shall have the pleasure of seeing you acompined by my brouther and family as it will not bee in Merritt 's power to Come for a short time as hee has a great Deale of business to sittle but will bring a hand to improve his piase I shall bring my familey by water and am about to start to orlains to procure a vessel for that purpose Mr. Williams the bearer of this has confirmed me in my most sanguin oppinion of the brasses [Brazos] being the most Desirable part of the Continant I have said and Don every thing I Could in its favour but how can I stand against prejudice and folshoods but time will Dispele the hate and I hope I shall live to see it improve and flurish I have been informed that you have Designated my lands and I have now Doubt but there situation in point of advantage is Calculated to please on my arival as I have made loud expetations on that head as I often thinke and speake of the lands on the mile — [illegible] as that seems to bee my favourat spot but shall ref ar all to my arivale as I flater my self that I shall ever find a Cincere friend in you for if I was not confirmed in that opinion I Could [be] happy and make money where I am you will present my best wishes to all my friends with you Mr Tong Corle Pettes and familey Mr Bell and familey and all acquentences I Could sitt and write a volum to you on the subject of the braces [Brazos] but as the time is short [until] I shall arive I will wave the subject to then and I hope you will accept my best wishes for your health and happiness and that I shall soon bee one to ad to the number of your Contry and as such I will subscribe my self your friend and obt St.

Fkas Biggam [Francis]

Do give my love to your brother