Robert Lewis to Stephen F. Austin, 01-09-1825

Summary: Difficulties of trade in northern Mexico. Indians troublesome.

Santa Rosa January 9th 1825

Col. Austin

D. Sir I arrived at this place the 11th Novr the Comisary made many diffieuties, respecting the duties, I told him I was not liable to pay duties, as he demanded he would not suffer me to sell without paying. I applied to the Alcalda and got him to witness the taking of an Inventory of the goods and let the sales go on, and for me to go to Saltillo and on my return if I did not convince them I was not subject to pay duties, I would pay them, on my return I offered to pay the duties he refusd to take them, nor would not suffer me to go without leaving my goods in his possession or giving security for the whole amount, stating he had represented my case to the Comisary Gel at Saint Luis Potosi, and that he might order him to take possession of them and from his misrepresentation, he ordered him to take possession of them and to forward my paspor[t]s or other papers to him stating they must be forwd etc I wold not let him take possession he cald on the Alcalda to assist him in taking possession of them. I cald on the Alcalda, as a Civil Officer to protect me and my goods, and offered him security as if I was liable to pay duties, the comisary objected to the security without, they would put in pawn in money Money pater [plata] or, paster [pasta], to the amount of the goods, I told the Alcalda, I was willing to give security, agreeable to law and would not give security in any other way, and after a few days, the Alcalda took the security. A large mijority of the people of this place are convinct the Comisary's treatment to me are improper, he is very uneasy at this time respecting his treatment towards me, it will be 2 or 3 weeks yet I expect before I git returns from the Comisary Gel The Governor has granted to me and Bynum 10 Leagues of Land which I hope will meet your approbation, as it will not be any thing against your private Interest, or the public good,—I have several times spoke of Nixon, and find he is very unpopular in this part of the Country, I named to Barron, of his threats against you,—sales are very dul owing to the scarcity of money and an overstock of goods in the country,—I expect it will be 3 months yet before my return,—The Indians are very troublesome they do a grate deal of mischief, killing people and taking of Caviards,—I wish you to forward the inclose to Col Bynum by the first safe opportunity.

Col S. F. Austin

Robert Lewis[Rubric]