John P. Coles to Stephen F. Austin, 01-12-1825

Summary: Land business. Trade. Economic conditions.

12 January 1825

Dear Sir

I left Mr Sims at the Saint Antonio Road yesterday he sends you the Notes of my Hacienda and the notes of Gates Tract the Body of my Survey is in the office and all you want is to connect the oblong or arm that includes the Mill Seat — I know nothing about old Furnashs Improvement I did not know that he had an Improvement of corse agreeable to your Directions Sims split the Two Leagues Between Furnash and Lynch or Byrd or who Ever it may fall to furnash is on the Lower Hall adjoining my line I dont know How to arrange it with him nor what he wants other than the arrangement allready made I dislike the Trouble of going to see him and having the surveys all altered again However I will doo any ways you wish in order to get it done Sims is going on Rapidly now and will be down with me when I come down which will be in a few days I must go to see furnash before I come down and make some arrangement with him Sims has taken a wife she is a very fine Looking woman and all Tolld that I know I cant get any pork for you in this part of the Country tel Mr Stafford that I can get One Hundred Bushels of corn for him from the Milicans at the ten mile creek no other com can be had in this part of the country I cannot get any pork for him and if he intends to take the corn from the Milicans he must let me know immediately

Coles [Rubric]

[Addressed:] S F Austin Political chief and Judge of the Colony San F De Austin.