J. Iams to Stephen F. Austin, 01-15-1825

Summary: Concerning land and surveying.

Cedar Buyo Jany 15th 1825

Dear Sir

I have seen Mr Cook and he has the variations of the compass on the same side of the needle that I have and says Mr Hunter is wrong. The Variation is Easterly and Consequently the North point of the needle is on the East or Eight hand of the true North, and each line must be run on the left hand of that point of the needle which is foremost on the Course. Now I am ready to give testimony and the lines will prove that Mr Hunter has run my lines on the right hand of the Needle and consequently they are wrong. I have also found some other Errors in the survey as himself has suspected in Closeing the lines, but I wish him not to survey it again as I believe he will still be liable to many Errors. As proper Land-marks between Neighbours are of great Consequence in the preservation of peace and harmony and my future exertions will probably be on this piece of ground, I would desire that my lines be run agreeable to the Customary rules observed in this Province

Therefore I shall proceed to survey the land my self and send you the field notes unless a line from you or some other information should spare me the trouble

As the Timber on my land is extremely scarce and all too short for several of the purposes of building which I contemplate and I shall be under the necessity of Resorting to other Lands for a supply, I will therefore send you the field notes of a Labour where timber is uniformly plenty and no Claimant ne[a]r, I will be ready to make payment according to Custom and hope in some way it will be granted

I have not had the opportunity of seeing Mr Hunter since I saw you but am informed that he declares that he has made no Errors in his survey, I have paid him about $20 and will pay him any other part which he may Justly be entitled to as I stated to you before even tho, I should survey the whole myself.

Dier Sir I write to you with the full assurance of your friendship wishing to give you as little trouble as I can as some of my Neighbours have already given you too much concerning their Lands

A line from you on the above subject will be received with pleasure and all orders promptly obeyed by

J. Iiams

Col. S. F. Austin

P. S. I have understood that $3.50 will be demanded in cash at your office for my Deed which would have been paid when I saw you had I known the circumstance but I will pay it at the first opportunity.

If I am wrong in the variation of the compass I am willing to pay the cost of proving it J. I. [J. Iiams]