Thomas Gray to Stephen F. Austin, 01-23-1825

Summary: Misunderstanding about the land that he desired.

Colorado January 23rd 1825

Dear Sir I received verbal information from you by Capt Burnham informing me that neither of the Leagues selected by me; as my choice would be entered by you in my name; if I have intrudad upon you by presenting to you in writing the 7th 8th and 12 Leagues as my choice of either please excuse the intrusion. Were I placed in affluence as is the situation of some of your applicants I am of opinion that you would have attended to and recd my Entry by Capt Burnham. I hope you may bestow the Land;, or rather sell it to a more worthy than I am; I wish every thing that may contribute to the wellfare of the colony, to your health and happiness

N. B. Sir I would be thankful to you if you would confer the favour upon me of sending me a Certificate Certifying that I have no land in this colony and oblige your friend

Thomas Gray

Col. Stephen F. Austin