Rawson Alley to Stephen F. Austin, 01-29-1825

Summary: Surveying.

Col S F Austin

Sir I send you the returns of Andersons, Pettys and Tobars, Pettuses, Duty and Eadses, Sitos of Land and De Mosses Labor by Col Pettus My Provisions gave out which prevented me from going any further up the River I intend going down the River as Soon as I can go to the Cane brake and back, to finish my work below, if you wish any more Land surveyed on the West side of the River Opposite the Lake than I have orders for let me know by the first opportunity. My hands will be at my House till I return from the Cane brake if you should write before I return; I think there will be some very good Leagues below if the[y] Can be Laid about four miles on the River as the Timber is very narrow it will not do very well to lay it off in square Leagues; John Tobar only wanted one mile Square where he Lives if he wishes it so after seeing the Lines I will take it off his hands and pay the charges in proportion but no more which word I sent to him; Whiting wished me to let you know that he wishes to take Land, below in the Bay Prairie

Jany 29th 1825

Rawson Alley [Rubric]

Col Stephen F Austin

N B the surveying of Jesse Burnams Land comes to seventy four Dollars 89 1/2 cents

R Alley [Rubric]

I gave George Duttys return to him as he said he was going over in a few days