A. W. McClain to Stephen F. Austin, 01-30-1825

Summary: Misunderstandings concerning land.

Colorado District 30th January 1825

Dear Sir

Mr Alley informs me that he informed you Previous of my Being in town that their was but one League of Land in the 14th League and that is for Blienfort and McVain it appears to me that I am not to guit any that I make Choice of as I made Coice of two Places By the Eagle Lake first you gave to Blufort second to Coln Boss" asked you for Land in June Last you Readyly agreed that to goe and make Choice of a Place and then I was Called on from time to time that I had not time ontill in Septr and then I Made Choice of one that noone hade made Choice of I Lost that and it was Entered in your Booke By Mr. Williams I have Been Ready for two weeks to go to work on it or some Place Else if you intend Letting me have any Land or not I want to noe I Come to the Country for that purpose after seventeen months in the Country I Cant Come on a footing with strangers I Can Return from whence I Came Mr. Alley informs me Mr. Cook and Mr. Osborn has taken a joining of him on the west side of Colorado and that theirs a vacant Place at the mouth of skull crick Providing you will Let it Be Run as Gabriel Snyders is if you Consent to it you will Please let me no it and oblige yours

A W McClain

Judge S F Austin

NB Coln- Pettus [was] Present when Mr Alley said what he did say on the subject