James F. Perry to Stephen F. Austin, 02-14-1825

Summary: Business. Presidental election. Family news.

Mine a Burton Feby 14th 1825

Dear Sir

We received your letter of the 17th of December last about ten days since and at your request I now address you. Brown Austin started from Herculaneum about the 3d day of November on the 23d of the same month he wrote to us from Natchez— he had got there safe and well and I expect he is with you long ere this. We are anxiously looking every mail for a letter from him from Natchetoches. With respect to your sister and myself moving to that Country we have not yet come to any determination. I have some thoughts of visiting your Colony and if I am pleased with it we may move there but I have some Scrouples to surmount before, I can get my own consent to leave my native Country, to leave the best Government in the world for a strange Country and strange Laws causes cerious reflections, but perhaps on visiting the country and becoming acquénted with your Laws and your Government Settles down on Republican principles as there is now every prospect that it will I may become reconciled to change country. I will now state to you our prospects, with industery and econemy I know we can make an independent living here but I never expect to be able to live here in affluence or to make a fortune. I beleive it was before you left this Country that Samuel Perry and myself entered into partnership—he had all the capital I get the one third of the profets. We are still doing business, on the same footing, and we have made some money from a rough calculation we made about a year ago I think I may safely state that if a dividend was now made my part would amount to from 8 to 10,000 Dollars in negroes goods money and Lands, which would be a tolarable start in a new Country. Saml and Myself have made no new arrangement since my marage but I expect we will have to soon. I have not purchased a house yet as I dont wish to purchase untill we determine where to settle permantly as I am not fond of moving. Now I have gave you an Idea of our curcumstances and prospects I wish you to write to me your Ideas of that country both with regard to it[s] government and Laws and its natural advantages do you think with what we could take with us and with industry and economy that we could make a fortune in a few years give us your opinion if you advise me I will visit your colony but unless I thought we could better our cituation I would rather live here as I feel much attached to our native country and Laws, it would certainly be my wish to live near you if it could be so for all our benefits. Chester Ashley is now in this country. I have not yet seen him, but expect to see him before he returns and will make inquiery respecting the little Rock Business. With respect to the Mine A Burton Property I can not at this time give you much satisfaction respecting it. Price and Ruggles and W. M and J Perry, has a lawsute pending in the supreme Court respecting 250 acres which your Father conveyed to Ruggles and James Bryan to secure them for being his security in Bank. Bryan sold his part to W M and J Perry. Price obtained a judgment against Ruggles and Perry for 3,500 Dollars it was removed to the Supreme Court and will be tryed I expect in May nextPerry and Ruggles Lawyers say that your Fathers Heirs could recover the whole or Part of the tract so I am told but I intend consulting Judge Cook (who is one of them and Knowes all about the situation of it) as soon as I can see him and I will than give you a more satisfactory acfc of it. Our Legislature is now in Session and has been ever since the 3d monday in November and is not expected to rise before the 26th or 26th Istant. they are reviseing the whole code of Laws and are making many very material alterations whether for the better or worse time will determine the last act we had from Saml Perry who is still a member of the senate he states they had passed 140 laws and had 30 or 40 more to act on Your old Friend Judge Benton has been re- elected to the U. S. Senate not with standing the most outrageous Slander was circulated against him by his enemies Rectors, Benton Govnr Mc Nair and others it is not yet known who will be our next President went to the house of Representatives Jackson had the highest vote Adams next and Crawford next Clay was left out Crawfords friends have no hopes the contest will be between Jackson and Adams.

There is now here an agent to lease the U. S. Lead mines he has granted some leases, the miners are not willing to Submit he leases under a Law of 1807 which is thought here does not autherise the leasing of them, if his leases are inforsed it will make a great alteration in the Lead business I think for the worse the leases are for 3 years. Mrs Henry Elliott is in this place teaching school from her present prospects she expects to have a large School against next summer. She wishes to be remembered to you. Your Sister and Children are well Joel and Austin are going to School Guy and Mary Grow finely. Write to us by every oppertunity as we are always anxtious to here from you. Wm and Jn° Perry are well Will has no wife and John has no Children. Mrs Sam1 Perry has been in St Louis all winter with her Daughter Mrs Farris Sam1 writes to us offin they are all well a Brother of the Handy which Saml Shot made an attempt to Shoot Saml in St Louis not long since but Saml jumped in on him and took his pistol from [him] prevented him from shooting and let him go again. Old Bissel and Price are Blamed for seting him on. Emily joins me in our Best wishes for your wellfare and prosperity also give our best respect to your Brother Brown and permit me to subscribe myself your Brother

Jas F. Perry

In your next please direct us how to direct our letters if this is not the right

[Addressed:] Co1- Stephen F Austin Rio Brazos Province of Texas To the Care of Jared Cable Esqr Natchitoches—¦