H. Connell to Stephen F. Austin, 02-26-1825

Summary: Emigration to Texas.

Woodville 26th Feby 1825

Dear Sir,

On the return of Mr. Holliman and Mr. Huff from your country last fall they informed me that they had got your promise to reserve a League of land for me, on condition that I would agree to settle it etc—and Mr. Huff has also informed me a few days ago that he had received a letter from you in which you wished to know if It was my intention to take it, if not you would have to let some other person have it; I will now ask the favour of you still to retain the land for me, as I am determined to have it, and will start to your country for that purpose by the first of June next in company with Mr. Michael Holliman who is going also with the same views, and expect there will be 2 or 3 other gentlemen go with us

Mr. George Huff has left here 5 or six days ago for New Orleans, and from there by water to your neighbourhood, Mr. L. Ramey left here 2 days since, who will meet with Mr. Huff in New Orlenas and go with him who you will find an honest man and an excellent Mecanic

Mr K Holliman has written to you by Mr. Ramey the contents of which you will see

I am sending this letter to Mr. Huff in New Orleans, and the bearer Mr. Severson is waiting on me, and have not time to say more at present—

You will please accept my best wishes for your health and prosperity and the speedy settlement of your province which is the sincere prayer of

H. Connell [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr. pr Mr. Huff