William Johnson to Stephen F. Austin, 03-01-1825

Summary: Introducing William P. Perkins.

Woodville March 1st 1825

Dear Sir,

This will be handed to you by Mr. William P. Perkins; a respec- table and wealthy planter of this country—Mr. Perkins visits your Province with the view of acquiring Land and ultimately establishing a sugar or Cotton farm in your provinceMr. P. has respectable and extensive family connections here as well as in the State of Tennessee—No doubt, should he be pleased with your country and future prospects there, he will ultimately move there and be the means of many valuable citizens mooving there both from this State and from Tennessee— I have been personally and intimately acquainted with him for many years and have no hesitation in saying [he] would be a valuable acquisition to your settlementMr. P. is now waiting and you will therefore excuse this crude Note.—

Wm Johnson

Hon. Stephen F. Austin Province of Texas