Humphrey Jackson to Stephen F. Austin, 04-03-1825

Summary: Judicial procedure in the case of the schooner Mary. The settlers east of San Jacinto wish to remain in Austin's colony.


Inclosed you have the statement of James Strange Respecting the time he was on board the Schooner Mary he has had no opportunity of seeing the Alcalde since you requested me to get it he says he is willing to swair to it any time if requested he being very busay at present I have every reason to belive the within statement of Mr. Strang to be Correct I am certain he would not state any thing but what was true the Settlers on the East of the San Jacinto is unanimous to Continue in your Collony they are willing to sine any Pe[ti]tion for that purpose if you are willing to accept us in your Collony I have not been at the Trinity since I seen you and has not any thing particular to mention

H Jackson

To Corl S F Austin San Jacinto April 3rd 1825

Austin Collony District of San Jacinto

James Strange the Constable for said District Recd, an Attachment from H Jackson Alcalde for said District against the Master and owners of the Schooner Mary which Attachment I Executed on the Said Schooner on the first of May 1825 at Red fish Bar for severel days after I went on board the wind blowing a gail at South and South East the Vessel Drifting with one Anchor we put the Cabose out with the small lower Cable it held her a few ours she again Drifted and commenced thumping Capt. Carrico Asked my Advice what was best to do I told him if I give my advice I might be rong he told me no he Asked for it and I could not be rong in giving it if he did not liked it he could let it alone I told him as he had been taulcking of Riming Hir a ground and some times of Cutting a way the Masts if he would now slip the Cable and hoist Sail it was most likely we could get hir thru the Pass of Red fish bar and if we could I could bring her into the San Jacinto and lay her safe a long the banck he then gave orders to slip the Cable Maicking sail the Schooner by this time was so fast a ground she would not mind her helm Capt. Carrico then gave orders to hoist all the sail we could and run hir a ground—at this time there was on board Capt Carrico the Cook Robert Passmon the guard and my self while I Remained on board I took no Command of the Vessel further than preventing hir pulling to say the Guard and I obayed Capt Carrico orders and assisted in every thing he wanted to be don we don the most of the pumping the Vessel being very leaky

James Strange

April 3 1825