Robert Lewis to Stephen F. Austin, 04-11-1825

Summary: Trade and transportation from New Orleans.

Schooner May of Orleans, Red Fish Bar

April 11th 1825

Col. Austin, DSir,

If My acquatence are sufficient, I beg leaf to introduce to your acquantence, Mr. Jessie Cartwright, from near Woodville Misspi a planter of hie respectibility. he wishes to become a settler in your coliney, you will no doubt, be pleasd with him on acquaitance,—we have had a teadious trip from N. Orleans four weeks yesterday since we left there, we have 36 passengers. I have upwards of $3000 in goods some Grocer[io]s for this country, and goods for the Spanish Market, I am auctions to git them to your Town as soon as possable, I should like to have waggons enough to take them all at one trip, in weight I have about 7500 or 8000 lbs. If you could send to waggons to Meet Me at the ware house I would take it as a particular favor,—The schooner draws upward of seven feet water she has to be lightened, it will be from 6 to 10 days before we can git to Docr. Hunters, then my good will [be ta]ken [to] • • • [immediately . . .

I should like to know by the return of Mr. Cartwright, if I could depend on the waggons, if I can, I will send an express on My arrival at Docr. Hunters to let then now what day to meet me at the warehouse

Robert Lewis [Rubric]

P. S. I have a letter for Mr. William, from his Brother, and a Book a Leger or register.