Dr. John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 04-22-1825

Summary: Medical advice.

Nackitosh April 26 — 1825


Your letter of the 10th Inst, was left at my House yesterday. I was from home I have Carefully read it and considered the contents It appears to me there is no doubt but the symptoms yours describes are produced from an affection of the kidneys which I think it probable has been brought on by your Long Sedentary habit, and I should hope that a change in that Respect with a moderate use of some cooling diureticks will Relieve you — Amongst the Vegetable Diureticks those which are Emolient are best (viz) Slipiry Elm Bark Water Melon Seeds. Mauve or Mallows, the Inner Bark of Pine, Casteal Soap, the stronger diuretics are Fox Glove, Nettle, Prickley Pear, Arsmart Parsley Roots.—these are all used in form of tea Sometimes a small Pill of Opium may be Proper, the more Powerful are Muriatic or Nitric Accid. Glaubus Salts Lime Water etc I send you a Vial of the Accid Diluted to save the cork and a vial of Volatille Alcaline Salt, the Salt is a Real and eiBcatious Medicine the way to use it is, Take about half a Tea Spoonful of it put it in a tumbler and pour the tumbler half full of Vinegar, and drink it off while in a State of evervescence this may be repeated three or four times a day — 30 or 40 drops of the Accid in half a tumbler of water will be a dose — your diet should be more Simple than Ordinary and Wine and Ardent Spirits used more sparingly—

I wrote you a few days ago by Mr. Cherbonier and sent you a bundle of News papers. Since which Nothing has Occurred, but Capt. Clark Can Inform you — Our River is now higher than it [has been] Since may 1803 Alexandria is in danger [torn] . . . Plantations [torn] My Compliments . . .

John Sibley.]

[Addressed:] Honrble. Stephen F. Austin

Capt. Clark Brassos