William Blanks to Stephen F. Austin, 05-01-1825

Summary: Fear of contest over his land.

Buffalow Bayou May 1st 1825

Honorable Col I Expect to leave here in a few days for Tuckapaw and I wish to inform you of my oneasiness I met with a young man on buffalow bayou by the name of Clair he was just from tuckapaw came in company with Mr Garner, and I was speaking of my half league at Dickson's Camp and he enquired if it was surveyed and I said nay, and he said he was the first man that improved it, and talkd of contending for it, and I do not know how long it has been since he quit the place, but I Expect two years I told him that the barings of the timber was taken and the beginning corner was establish, and he said he did not know that he should contend—I do not wish to be cut out of that piece by know means for it is all that I think much of, and if you think there is any dainger, I will give Mr. Ingram some thing Cleaver to have it surveyd, or in other words maid safe, if it is not safe, I hope you under stand me;

W M Blanks,

[Addressed:] Col S, F, Austin San Felipi de Austin.