Martin Allen to Stephen F. Austin, 05-12-1825

Summary: Concerning land.

Natchitoches 12th May 1825

Col. Austin

Sir by this safe oppertunity I must trouble you with another letter as I have wrote to you so often respecting my Land, and other things: I requested you in several of my letters to you to write me a few lines respecting my Land, if you received my Last letter which I think was dated sometime in April I expressed greate uneasiness about my Land from a letter I had just received from Mr. Lynch stating that you had givin away my Labbour,—and he gave me no positive answer respecting by League which I could not conceive how that could be the Case as you entered my Labbour in July last in my name and told me it should be secure to me and named in the same title with my League—and I had all ways undeistood by Mr Lynch that my title was safe in the office I have received a letter since from mr, Lynch by the hand of Mr. Aulsbury that gave me more satisfaction respecting it he informed me that my League was safe and a first rate one by your own information and my Labbour had been taken through mistake, which Can be All rectifyed when I come on which will be amediately, Mr, Aulsbuy and his familey and myself and my familey are all Comeing In Companey we will start in afew days

I kneede not write aney thing of the knews of this Country as Mr, Cable will hand you this letter himself directly from this place: You Can ask him what difficulties I have in Countered and what Losses 1 have sustained in trying to git to my Land in that Country which I hope to afect in next month without some unavoidable accident—I have wrote repetedly to my sons to make aney nessary improvements on my Land that you would direct; if you should go on to the in- terier before I arrive you will please to give my deede to James Lynch for me. do all you Can for me and you will be amply rewarded by your friend

Martin Allen [Rubric]