Robert Desha to Stephen F. Austin, 04-10-1826

Summary: Introducing travelers.

Gallatin Tennessee Apl 10th 1826

Dear Sir,

It has been about twelve years since I had the pleasure of seeing you and ere this you must nearly have forgotten me, as we were but seldom together, but you must recollect our having been on an expedition up the Illinois river together under the command of the late Genl Howard—and of seeing each other in Lexington Ky—in the winter of 1814. and 15—from the above circumstances you will be enabled to recollect me I think—My friends and acquaintances Mr Ramsey L. Mason Mr Vinson and Mr McCall visits your country and will hand you this—They are all Gentlemen of the first respectability in this country—and any services you can render them whilst in your [country] will be acknowledged by your Acquaintance

Robt. Desha

-P. S. It would be pleasing to me to receive a letter from you. giving me your candid opinion of the Country you are in etc—

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F. Austin