William S. Hall to Stephen F. Austin, 04-23-1826

Summary: Advice concerning Indian campaign

Bolevar Ap1 27th 1826

Col S F Austin

Sir I recd your communication and have duly attended to them: From the best information I cane obtain the inhabitants perfectly coincide with you as respects the premeditated Campaign It is my desire that we should be as expeditious as possible and for this assertion I have two very essential reasons 1st. If we postpone it any length of time they may obtain information of our contemplated attack and consequently they will be prepared either for battle or flight 2d they will be ginelly in their villages about the time we cane get in readiness to march against them which will be about the middle of May I shall convene all those that voluntier in this company on the 12th of May. You can inform me at what time you wish me to arrive at San felipe Austin, I shall be at [all] times ready to march after the 12th of May but it will be more convenient to march within a few days after I convene the men together as I shall give orders to them to come prepared for the expedition

W- S Hall

Col S F Austin