L. R. Kenney to Stephen F. Austin, 05-05-1826

Summary: Indians.

[About May 5, 1826.]

Dear Sir

The Bearer Roe has a despatch to the Comt, at arms I refer you to it for informtion A Choeto Indian accompanies him—Roe has been of essential service in interpreting to the Alabamas and Choctaws and explaining my views to them—he has been in my employt sev1 days—and for his services Carrying this Commn etc I have promd him $20—1 have paid him $2—please discharge the Balance—Hoping to meet you in Nacogdoches

Lauee Rich Kenny

Capt Comg Amer Vols on particular service—

I have pledged my work to Roe that there will be no disappt. in this payt.—

Lt. Colonel S. F. Austin On the road to Nacogdoches or elsewhere