Robert Lewis to Stephen F. Austin, 05-12-1826

Summary: His disputes with the comisario of Santa Rosa. Prospect of trade between north Mexican States and Texas. Bastrop.

Col Austin, Santa Rosa 12th May 1826

D. sir, I am yet detaind here by the comisary I have expected every Mail, for the last 50 days to of gotten a discharge from the detention, The business is now before the President in Mexico, and he has requested, that I should make a full statement of every thing that has taken place between me and the Comisary, who has wrote several letters to Mexico against me, has committted himself so its of no effect, My Statement is proven in a proper Manner, and left here eight days since, as soon as it can reach Mexico it will be acted on, the Comisary is verry uneasy he has resigned his office,—I have no doubt but the trade from this quarter, May be drawn to the Brasses, I am endeavouring to effect this object, Severel Gentlemen of standing has promised as soon as there is a commercial House establishd, then they will come there to trade—I recd a letter the other day from our friend the Barron he was unwell at that time, A Docr from Saltillo was here the other day and sais he has the Dropsy in the chest, he speaks of going to Texas in a short time,—Inclosd is a letter to Col. Bynum I hope you will forward by the first safe opertunity.—The Indians are very troublesome at Sant Fernandes, they have taken a part of there public Caviyard they have not done any Mischief here for some time

Robert Lewis [Rubric]

(Address) Col Estephen F. Austin, San Felipe de Austin, Texas.

P. S. Since I wrote the above I have recd information from Mexico, that my business has taken a turn in my favour, but was waiting for the Documents, I have aluded to