James J. Ross to Stephen F. Austin, 05-13-1826

Summary: Report of an expedition against Waco Indians.

Colorado May 13th 1826

Dear Sir. Capn Buckner has not arrived yet but we expect him every minit I have had Spies out every day and night Since I Received your order and do expect to do so untill further orders and perhaps go with 20 or 30 men above the San Antonio Road where it is soposed the Wacos may be hunting Though I think it immaginary. at all events it is our duty to keep a good look out—and if we Cannot hear from the Indians in 8 or 10 days it may be best to discharge the men. as it is about the time those Indians leaves their villages to go a hunting—

The[y] genneraly Return when their Corn gets in Roasting Ears and their Water Mellons gits Ripe then I do think would be the best time to find them at home and as good a time to go a Campaign as any—I will see or hear from you before that time—

Yours Respectfully

James J. Ross

[Addressed:] Colo Stephen F. Austin San Felipe de Austin