Stephen F. Austin to J. J. Ross and A. C. Buckner, Date Unknown

Summary: Instructions for expedition against Indians.


Mr Foster, the express sent by me to the Cherokes returned this evening at 6 o'clock, he brought me a letter from the chiefs of that Nation in which they say that they can raise 350 men and are ready and anxious to join us in the War as soon as their crops are laid by and the rivers fall which at this time are very high—Foster also says that he met with an old Apadachy Chief of the liaches who he had seen before and Knew, this chief told him that the Wacos and Tahuacanies had called a great Council of the Comanches and all the small tribes beyond the Trinity river above the road except the Cherokees, that this council was to meet Soon and the objects of it was to unite all those tribes to distroy the Americans on the Colorado and Brazos, and they were very mad and were determined to have satisfaction at the Trinity he was told by Mrs. Trammel that 5 Keechis had been there the day before and that they told a Spaniard that they intended to kill all the Americans. She took an old Aynye chief into the house and asked him and he told her yes it was true they were all mad but would not kill her as she had treated them well, he also said that 200 of them were embodied to aid the Wacos. The old Apadachy chief also told Foster that the Wacos were offering a good horse for ten loads of powder and lead and a good mule for 20 loads— He says the Trinity and Naches are out of their banks and thinks that no body of Indians can cross at this time to aid the Wacos

Under these circumstances I am decidedly of opinion that the expedition should be immediately pushed for the Wacos, if we delay it will give them time to procure arms etc. to call in the aid of their friends—and to make the treaty which is spoken of Capn Hall will be here tomorrow night, he camps at the water hole to night.

I wish one or both of you to come over here immediately in order to make the final arrangements for the trip owing to circumstances it might be improper for me to go in person. I can however with propriety order out 200 men under the command of an officer appointed for that purpose to cut off the 200 Who I am informed are imbodied and who it is probable will endeavor to join the Wacos— I have ordered out Spies along the La Bahia road towards the TrinitySims writes me that he has a party of active and confidential Spies out on the San Antonio road nearly over to the Colorado, another Company is out on the La Bahia road, they have as yet seen no Indian sign in that quarter—dispatch is now important, the men here are all ready, Sim's Company is also ready and there is about 20 volunteers of strangers all anxious for the trip Keep your men in readiness— let them be provided with provisions, whenever you can get it so as not to produce delay I will see that it is paid for— out of the general contribution which is about to be raised all over the Colony—you can March from there and embody at the San Antonio road, the day it not fixed yet and will not be untill I see or hear from you for it will depend on wheither your companies are ready or not— all the others are ready at a short notice for they have not been harrassed as your men have—

[S. F. Austin.]

[Endorsed:] Copy Letter sent to Ross & Buckner May 13 [1826 ]