J. Blair to Stephen F. Austin, 05-20-1826

Summary: Offering services in fortification of coast.

May the 20th 1826

Colonel Austan

Dear sir

presuming that after a perusal of the documents here with presented to geather with such other information as you will be able to collect you will be able to form an opinion conclusive for your self as to granting of the requests Actuated from motives of the highest sensibility I have ventured to submit for your consideration and that of your infant Republic the Subject Matter of the documents here with presented to geather with an offer of my services should your government be in a condition to Build a torpedul Bat- tery or disposed to Garrison their harbours on this principal if so and the government of Mexico will Extend their patronage with a degree of liberality that would support a family in a comfortabl manner and grant their petitioner an Exclusive privalage to furnish all the lumber that may be wanted to garrison the province of Texas at a fair and Honest price togeather with a suitabl tract of land for a plantation for him self and family or any other arrangment that will insure a Comfortabl living your petitione[r] would be more than happy to be come a Citizen of the Republick of america etc etc

Believe me Sir your Most devoted Servent and May God preserve your infant Republic from all internal strife till she [ ... ] a mong the Nations of the Earth that will yet giv laws to Europe is the prair of

J. Blair.

NB Sir pleas to have this letter Translated and forwarded on to the General Government to Enable them to know how it was introduced to the General Government you may depend on the most unquestionable Recommendations of my carrector if necessary Colonel Austin will oblige me if he will inform me if the same law that advertises for all those who have clames on the Government for military services rendered in 1812 and 13 imbraces those of 18191820 and 1821 under General Long

J. Blair

[Attached clipping:]

"In the Natehitiches Courier, of the 24th April last, we have seen a notice signed James Gaines, calling upon the several volunteers who fought in Texas, in 1812, 13, agreeably to a decree of the Mexican Congress, bearing date the 13th June, 1823, to come forward in person, or by power of attorney within six months with proof of their services, to receive their pay, agreeable to engagements entered into at St. Fernando de Bexar, between the Junta and Americans, in May, 1813."