S. A. Anderson to Stephen F. Austin, 05-28-1826

Summary: Payments for land. Indians.

Colorado May 28th 1826

Coln Austin


Since I arrived heare I have not had an opportunity of going over to see you respecting the payment of my land and we consider our force so week that many of us cant leave the fort at a time but as soon as I can I will be over to see you,—I have made arrangements in Allexandria for the payment of my note by Draught if you think proper if not I will send on immediately after the money that is as soon as times will permit but I had rather had an indulgence till the ishue of the war as; if I cant go home this faull I wish to return to the states

S. A. Anderson

N. B. I send you by Mr. George Duty a Bill for thirty Dollars in land or trade please to give me a credit on my Note for what it calls for in cash etc., etc

______ S. A. A.