James Cummins to Stephen F. Austin, 06-09-1826

Summary: Concerning an elopement.

Colorado June 9—1826

Dear Sir,

after gitting Francisco Eliguem and Mr. Woods together got them to agree that thier Son and Daughter might get married Francisco wants you to write to Montraville Woods at Mr. Milligan s to bring his daughter Down to you and for you to write to a praist in Laberhe to marry them and to assure the priest that he Francisco has given his Consent that they might be married agreed to and subscribed to before me James Cummins

his marke

Francisco x Eliguem

Zadock Woods

Mr Francisco wants you to ask his daughter and Montraville Woods who took her out of his house so that he Can have the person punnished for the Crime and at the same time wishes his daughter to be married as soon as possible

F. E

Colo Stephen F Austin San Felipe de Austin