Thomas Jamison to Stephen F. Austin, 07-03-1826

Summary: Misunderstanding concerning division of land.

Caney 3rd July 1826

Colo Austin

Dr Sir, If you will recollect when we were talking about the division of the 47th league of land granted to Tom and Myself; You said that I was to have first choice Ingrim and Mr. S. Williams were present and it was a fair and clear understanding between us that I was to have the prefference; the lower half of said league is my choice; but have understood that Tom has made a transfer of the upper half to me: But when you call to recollection the conversation that took place between us I am in hopes you will have the transfer altered and let me have the lower half agreeable to the understanding that existed between us—The expences accruing in altering the transfer I will pay.—Tom has repeatedly observed that he would as soon have one half as the other and as I am willing to pay the charge requisite in altering the transfer I hope it is a matter of indifference with you

Thomas Jamison

N. B.

pleas inform me on the subject by Mr. Deckrow I have told you as much about my making choice as ever I did Tom or any other person, from the statement made to me by Selkirk and Tom himself, I expected I would take the upper half but upon taking a view of it myself I prefer the lower half, and Tom still says it is a matter of indifference with him. As for the improvement Tom claims I do not consider he has a greater claim to the improvement than I have for two thirds of the improvement was made by Morrison and McCoy who asked my permission to plant corn on sd- Land—I have a Crop now on the lower half and am building a House on same; which will be completed in three or four days.—

Tom nor no other person has ever called on me to make my choice

Thomas Jamison

Col° S. F. Austin

N. B. The above stated improvement made by Morrison McCoy and Tom was made before the deed came out

T. Jamison