Ellis H. Bean to Stephen F. Austin, 07-05-1826

Summary: Advising Austin to evade constitutional liberation of slaves by converting them into indented servants.

Mexico July the 5th 1826

Dier SIR,

I have not the honor of Being aquented with [you] But I think it my Duty to enform you as a friend that I Recivd a letter from Saltilla yesterday that states that the law will undoubtedly pess that all the Negros of the Provens of Texas and Quaguila will [be] set free in this case I spoke to the Presedent as he is an old frind of mine he states me the same But there is a way your Settlers can Stop it all But the sooner the Better that is to Gow in Presens of and Alcalde stating that this nigro cost you so much and when he Pays it by labor Don you have no charge against him he Discounts so much a month as any other hirid Persons a small sum so that he will be the same to you as Before and it will be no more notised this you will comunicate to the citizens on the Ais bayo so that they can take the same Measurs with thers it is ennabatebel [inevitable] necesario as quick as Posibel—

I have nothin in this worth your atension Please enform the widow long that it is imposibel that this government will alow hir any Penchen as hir husband was not nown as a General on this Piase nor had no comisión from this Gverment—

Ellis H Bean [Rubric]