Bartlett Simms to Stephen F. Austin, 07-10-1826

Summary: Applying for certain land.

Peach Creek July 10th 1826

Coln Austin

Dear Sir My Helth is Such that I cant come to see you my Self at Present and I send Mr. Whiteside and wishing very much to make a Exchang of one labour of Land with you I am all moast a fraid to name the spot But the fact is it is the Buckner Spring place I never Have under stud How you prised that place But if you will part from it at all send me word upon what terms I will give you Boot and if that cant Be got let me have the place at Jacsons oald Camp which lays a bove the Labour that you Let Mr Castleman have and if you Cant Let me Have either Let me have one in the loar end of Jacksons prarai Beginning on the N E Corner of Kinchalaws [Kincheloe's] Land if you can spar the first choice I wold Reather But if not Leave it to my chois of the To Latter places and if you wont let me have Either Recommend me to some good Poast oak that I Can Climb with a Rope to H------Coln if you spar any of this land please to Designate in writing what way you wish it taken as I may not Have to improve.

Bartlett Sims