Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 07-17-1826

Summary: Reporting attack on Gonzales by Comanche and Tahuacano Indians.

I conceive it to be my duty to inform your Lordship, that, a few days since, a parcy of about sixty Comanche and Tahuacano Indians, visited the settlement of the Empresario, Green De Witt. In the town of Gonzales in the Guadalupe, they killed one man and wounded another; they destroyed all the furniture of Mr Kerr's house, and stole all the horses they could find. The settlers retreated to this Colony, not knowing what to do; they had a certain quantity of corn sowed, and, but for this unfortunate occurrence, their Colony would be in a very thriving condition.

Mr Kerr was absent at the time; so soon as he heard of it he returned to Gonzales with a party of men from Colorado. The Indians have disappeared, and he writes to me that he will shortly go to Bexar, to make his report to your Lordship, in person.

God and Liberty

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, July 17th, 1826.