B. J. Thompson to Stephen F. Austin, 07-22-1826

Summary: Turbulence at Nacogdoches. Asks Austin to indorse his request for permission to organize a volunteer company for protection against Indians

State of Chuahuila and Texas

District of Nacogdoches 22 July 1826


In my Communication to you of Febuary Last as Respects obtaining a grant for Land in your coloney I Received a verbal Answer by my father that you had Disposed of all your Land That you was orthised to Let out at that Time—under those considerations I contracted for a claim of Land in this section of country—but sir heave not abandoned the Idia of obtaining a grant of Land in your Coloney when you are orthised to Let the same—

I could be verry well satisf yed to stay in this section of the country If I could Do it in Peace But we are in a verry confused situation, no Harmoney Existing, in society owing to the malesetious and Restless Disposition of one individual who is James gains—But sir I will not Enter into a Detail of our grevances but will Refare you to Judge Williams The Berier a worthy sitizen of this Nabourhd for Infermation—When the People of this section of country lernd that your colony was Like to be Ingaiged in a war with the savages on our fruntears I was seelisited to Raise or attempt to Raise a company of volanteers to assist your or Do and perform all services Required in Defence of our country—I applied to the sd James gains and the alcalde of Nacogdoches who assumed the commend of the Malitia of this Districk for Permeetion to Raise a company of that kind which was granted

on the 12 of this Instant I Drew and article (which you will see in my communication Through you to the government—marked No (1) my first attempt and my success, and on the 21st I receved the order from the alcalde that you will find marked in said communication No (2) forbiding me to Proseed any further I concluded to stay any further Proseeding untill I could ask the Permission of government for order to organise a company of that kind or Directions to Desist and abandon the Idea of any further Persuit on the subject I have taken the liberty to make my communication through you to the governor of these States, If you can feel a willingness to assist us I know It is in your Power and your friendship would be greatfully Remembered by the good People of this District I hope sir from our long acquaintance you could not harbor any Idia of any unfriendly motives I had in my attempt to Raise sd Company I do assirt to you upon the honer of a man that It was from the Purest motives and only to Raise the company for the Purpose as mentioned in my communication and to Establish Peace and Hormioney in the country—If you concer in the steps I heave taken I hope sir you will Lend me your assistance in sending on my Patisction to government in a maner that you think will be Recived making any alteration you may Deem nessary not to alter the Intent or meaning there off—I should be much Pleased to heave your oppinion on the subject and what Ever you advise I will cheerfully submit to I could Raise a Hundred stout hardy Resolute men men to assist you If nessary well armd and acquipt all we want is the sanction of government which I hope we will obtain

My Father and Brother wishes to be Remembered to you—Pleas

to Remember me to your Brother, and Accept for your self the Best wishes

Your verrey Humble servent

B, J, Thompson

Col. S, F, Austin