Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 08-14-1826

Summary: Informing him of the calling of meeting of representatives to concert plans of defense and offense against Indians.

Under existing circumstances in reference to the hostile Indians, I have deemed it necessary to call a board, composed of two persons elected by each of the six sections of this jurisdiction, for the purpose of deciding upon a system of defence, and contriving plans to raise a fund for the assistance of the most exposed families, and to keep a body of spies on the frontier.

This board will assemble on the 21st Instant, and I shall inform your Lordship of the result of their deliberations, prior to carrying any of the adopted measures into execution.

I consider that good feeling and perfect union among the Colonists, are of paramount importance in time of war; and, that the idea of consulting them was the best mode of attaining the desired object, in the measures to be adopted for the common defence.

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, August 14th 1826.