Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 07-14-1826

Summary: Movements of various Indians.

A party of Indians were seen last week on the Brazos, near the Bexar road: a detachment of the Militia of that neighborhood went in pursuit and followed them to within ten miles of their villages. That detachment will remain some time in the vicinity of the villages, to watch them; and I shall have them relieved by another party, so as to keep in the field a permanent guard on the frontier to give timely notice in case the Indians should leave them in force for the purpose of attacking us.

I have heard from a Choctaw Indian, that the Comanches are going to make a grand effort, next fall against Bexar and the Rio Grande frontier, and that the Tahuacanoes, Wacos, and Tahuayases will join them in their attack upon us in this quarter.

All the Bidais are here, in flight from the Aynais, Kichais and Apadaches with whom they have fought a battle on the Trinity.

The Cushatte Chiefs arrived here this morning; I do not know for what purpose as I have not yet seen them.

The last news, received a few days since from the Cherokees, are very favorable; it appears that they are only waiting for the order of the Government to commence an attack upon our enemies.

God and Liberty.

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, August 14th 1826.