James Gaines to Stephen F. Austin, 08-21-1826

Summary: Inquiries concerning disturbing rumors. Slavery.

Nacogdoches August 21st 1826

Col Steven F. Austin

Dear Colonel I beg leave to call on you for information on certain points Relative to the Conduct of some of your people.

when Col Pettis was at Ayish Bayou he asserted there was no law nor authority in Nacogdoches and that Jose Anty Sauceda Esqr. had no authority to do what he Done and that your Honer had Command to the River Sabine by which he stimulated the Opposers of the Law and authority to Raise a Company for that purpose promising them you would Recognize them for which John A Williams went to the Brassos

And by the Last mail John Sprowl Esqr. of the Ayish Bayou has Recd a Letter as he states from Jesse Thomson and Payton in the hand write of Joseph white and Bound him to profound Secrecy on which the said Sprowls prophicied that one half of your Colony and the people here would be out of the Country he was askd If they would be drove out he answered no they would go out of their Own accord I insisted on knowing If it was anything that might Effect the Government or the interest of the people he Refused to answer me But Told Mr. Thomas It was the subject of Slavery and that no hope Remained on that Subject thereby Creating much Rumor

from what I have seen and heard among the friends of Edwards and many others and now from your Quarter I am led to believe something like a Revolution has been aimed at and probably yet on foot

I beg you to write me on those points and Explain those particulars so as no more Confusion may arise to the injury of the Government your Colony nor here.

Please inform me If Mr. David G Burnett is yet with you he wrote me a Letter when I was sick and before I was able to answer I heard he had left your Colony, But If he should yet be with you give him my Compliments and inform him I am Ready to Correspond with him and serve him in all cases in my power agreeable to the Duty Of a friend

Jas Gaines