Elias R. Wightman to Stephen F. Austin, 08-23-1826

Summary: Application for town site.

The Petition of the undersigned respectfully REPRESENT, that haveing removed to this country, with an intention of settling in it permanently as one of the settlers which you are authorized to introduce, as Empresario, He has examined a piece of land on the east Side of the Rio Colorado, being near its mouth and being the extremity of the high Prairie; and the most suitable place for the landing of families, who emigrate, by water, to that part of the country.

At this time there are no settlements of any kind, at, or near, the said landing-place, which render it both dangerous, and inconvenient for Emigrants to disembark there; dangerous, in consequence of exposure to the Karonkawa Indians, who are hostile, and infest that part of the Bay-Shore, Inconvenient oweing to the want of Houses, to receive Emigrants, and store up their property, on this first landing. In consequence of which many are detered from emigrating to that part of the country—A number of my friends, and acquaintances and particularly H. H. League, James C. Ludlow who have explored the country, and entered into arrangements, with you as Empresario for their reception as settlers together with a number of other families, whom they expect to bring have a desire to land at the above mentioned place provided suitable buyldings, can be provided for the security of their families, and, products and they have requested me to erect, such necessary buyldings provided it meets with the approbation of the constituted local authority of the Government.

Therefore your Petitioner prays permission to occupy said place for the above purposes and that a grant of one League of land may be made to him at said place, to erect such buyldings as he may put up, in consideration of the great Service he will render the Colony, and the Country by facilitating emigration, and in order to inable him to support his family on said land—

(Signed) Elias R. Wightman

considering the exposed situation of Emigrants to this Country who land at the mouth of the Colorado River, in consequence of causes set forth in the foregoing Petition; And haveing fully considered of the necessity of such an establishment, as the one proposed, and the general utility that would result to the Country therefrom, Therefore I Stephen F. Austin Empresario, and Judge of this Jurisdiction do hereby grant the Petition presented by the said Elias Wightman, to occupy said place and to buyld the necessary houses for the accommodation and Security of Settlers referring him to the Government of the State, or the Commissioner appointed by the Government for this Colony to apply for a title to the land which he solicits with the understanding that this permission is to be subject to the approval of the said Government, or Commissioner as they may deem proper, and Knowing the great expense and hasard attending the Execution of such Improvements and buyldings as are contemplated in consequence of the hostility of the Indians, and the remoteness of the Settlements I do recommend the Petition of the said Elias Wightmen for the grant of a League of Land, to the particular attention of Government, or Commissioners, and should it be consistent with the laws to make such Grant I recommend that it be made as prayed for—

Sn Felipe de Austin

August 23d 1826

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]