Samuel C. Hirams to Stephen F. Austin, 09-08-1826

Summary: Building for Austin.

Harrisburg September 8th 1826

Dear Sir

After so long a time the sawyers are come on to gow to work at your plank. I hope you will excuse me, for it was completely out of my power to send sooner.

I have made my bargain so that you have to furnish them provission and pay them One dollar pr. hundred after the logs are hewd. I wish you to call on Mr Mason who is at Mr Irons who is to hew the stuff. Also furnish Mason with that Bill of hewing, and the sawyers will [with] the bill of sawing that I left with you. Draw off the bill of hewing on a separate piece of paper and hand to Mason. Be so good as to gow with the workman and show them the place and timber, and after the stock for the plank and scantling is hewn, and Mason comes back to Sn Filipe, show him where to hew the sills and sleepers etc

If Mr Williams still continues in the notion of building, let his bill remain with your own, if he has declined building, take his part out of your bill, so that the sawyers may not be bothered.

I expected to have come over with the sawyers, but owing to company and having no person to assist my wife, I am obliged to remain at home, but I hope there will be no dificulty. Be perticular in getting sound timber for your planks Have the flooring planks hauled as soon as it is sawn so that it may draw as soon as possible, And as soon [as] Mason returns and hews the sills etc let me know it and I will come on to work. You will have to send for your saw as Mr Keels has sold his saw without my knowledge, and there is no other saw to be had here.

Saml C. Hirams

Col. S. F. Austin