Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 09-11-1826

Summary: Discouragement of the colonists over uncertainty concerning slavery. Indians.

I inclose to your Lordship an original letter of the Cherokee Chief Richard Fields, informing me of the movements of the Comanches, and other particulars.

I had already received, a few days since, a similar notice from a Chickasaw Indian, and I am convinced that, next fall, the Indians will unite to make a grand effort upon the frontier particularly that of Texas.

We are not well prepared here to resist an attack. More than one half of these people are awaiting the decision of Congress in regard to their slaves, as they intend to leave the Country if their emancipation is decreed. They are already making preparations for their journey. The remainder of the settlers are so disheartened that they have no energy to make an effort. Therefore, if the slaves are emancipated the government must not depend upon the assistance of this militia. It is to be feared that the tardiness in making provisions for the friendly Indians will dissatisfy them; which would be unfortunate, as 100 Cherokee warriors are decidedly superior to 500 Comanches.

God and Liberty.

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, September 11th 1826.